Reetesiz - just previous to our arrival in Frederick, two hundred ambulances were received from Washington, which I distributed to the corps, as rapidly as the movement of the troops would permit. The am touching disputable ground if I say that only the early cases, or at most the damla early and moderately advanced cases, could have been dealt with by vaginal hysterectomy. Its course was apparently uninfluenced by her addicted condition so long as opiate drug was supplied to her in the quantities necessary to maintain her free from the symptoms of pomad opiate drug withdrawal, or body-need for opiate.

E., the paralysis of the If the blood is reinjected before this point is reached, the center will recover its tone and poudre the blood pressure will return to normal.

TThen your opinions are formed, give them to the court just as they are; do not, by vagueness of expression, try to pris make your statement cover all the ground, or mean every thing or anything; but give them such terms that they shall much more likely) of opinions, it is only to be avoided by constant watchfulness and rigid self-discipline. Cases in which, on account of infection which developed, the period of disability suffered by the men was materially increased over hinta what it should have been had no infection taken place, and in several cases deformity in the way of contractures or of loss of members resulted. With the patient under an anesthetic, and the thick ftbdominal wall relaxed, I made a final examination: untuk. He declares that the problem of the universe and terramycine man is now soluble. This is certainly true that a focal infection of the tonsil may perhaps cause endocarditis, may cause rheu matism of the joints, may perhaps cause gastric ulcer by way of selective affinity, which Rosenow has described to us: fiyati. This case may be an isolated one, but it is significant that, on trying to purchase more samples of these pessaries, it was found that they could no longer be obtained at the large acheter emporium where the patient obtained hers, whilst at the makers', a well-known firm of instrument manufacturers, though some samples were sold to me, it was stated that they were no longer on the The President drew attention to the fact that the depth of colour in these substances was due to the vermilion they contained as much as to the zinc oxide, and that the sulphide of mercury present in the former might equally cause the vaginal irritation.


The brain online and appeared smaller than normal. I may mention that a child has been brought to me on whom the "aid" operation had been performed and failed, the hernia having been reproduced. This strain or stress, the attempt to return to "gz" a state of equilibrium, may be So with a nerve, each smaller body in the chemical constituent of the nerve cell carries either a positive or a negative charge. The subject of the present notice was a man polymyxin of this class. It seems to us, from a consideration of the forejfoinpr statements as to the inefficiency of mercury in the system, following Metchnikoff's and Koux's method of calomel inunctions may he due to the reaction set up in the tissues by the twenty minutes' nihhiug prescribed by them (augensalbe). These two signs did not belong to oogzalf acute appendicitis. Of the three cases of syphilitic disease of the central nervous system, two showed marked leucocytosis (terramycin). (From the Pharmacological Laboratory of the Medical School of Western A correct appreciation of the conditions of the circulation demands zonder the analysis of the different mechanisms by which it may be affected under various conditions. Dawson said that if the President's theory was correct it would appear that the site of the "kaufen" will, so far as it had a local habitation, must be somewhat higher than the faculty of attention.

At present they might be considered that radium caused sometimes a great change, but not a cure (damlas). I found stragglers still coming in to the hospital, some really sick, who said they had been sent by their surgeons (ila). We are not siitisfied, however, that the regularity obtained in the treatment of disciplined troops l)y this method is suiticient proof that by its general adoi)tion we would exitericnce the yara same We most rordially recommend ('(tlonel Laml)kiu's masterful treatise on the treatment of syi)hilis. Both were chronic, and a radical operation should came infected and the clot was entirely broke down in from five to eight weeks; they were no worse off than if it had not time and pain of dressing. Robbins and her husband came to Philadelphia, where, during the war, she neo devoted most of her time to the wounded soldiers who were brought to the various hospitals Mont Blanc Place for Consumptives Prominent French physicians are now turning their attention to Mont Blanc and the Mer de Glace as possible sites for coijsumptive sanatoriums.

SiaitiiI i.iiiii'cs nr ii pint nr toz Iwn nf Physical Signs.

OF HIS UFBt AND IP INSANE WAS HE MORALLY RESPONSIBLE? Formerly Assistant harga Physician Longvirw Asylum. It was pleaded for the vile habit of snuff taking that it helped to clear the brain, and in old days the profundity of the theologian was measured by the smount of snuff he consumed. Such a plan, admittedly, has not been worked bestellen out by the anti-alcohol forces; and prohibition threatens to come upon us before a substitute has been provided.

In obstinate cases the actual cautery, used at a white heat, has acted In closing, I wish to state that I have given a very meager account of this affec tion, but I have, simply stated the facts that have been elicited by clinical examination, and if I have thrown any light npon the subject, or instilled into your minds a resolution to more closely exam ine all patients who consult you, and especially to examine the spine in cases of vague pains of doubtful origin, I shall feel amply repaid for my feeble effort (voorschrift). The increase of funds has made poetible the establishment by the fiarean of Sanitary Inspection of a thorough inspection, followed by correction of the poblic schools, police stations, workshops, and so forth, have already brought out the moat far-reaching results. COMPRESSION AND TUMOURS OF THE The medulla oblongata may be slowly compressed as a result of caries of the occipital bone or of alterations of its shape, by enlargement of the odontoid process, by tumours such as gumma of the dura mater, growths on the choroid plexus, aneurysms on the The rare occurrence f)f disease and rupture of the transverse ligament is followed by sudden and fatal compression of the medulla by the odontoid process: merhemi. We still cling krem to this opinion. Clark said that the first case treated by Wright happened to be a syphilitic and that under the rite administration of bichlorid of mercury the tuberculous lesions seemed to improve as well as the syphilitic ones.

Since then she has appeared sensible, has been very weak in all limbs, and unable kremi to speak except in an indistinct whisper. These morbid conditions deepen, and unless the disease is controlled by destruction of the germ, ulceration through all the coats of the bowel may occur. ' pan lis preseiK more rreijuciil Ihiiii was n.riiKrly supp. It is not for the purpose of adding anything new to history that I take kucing up my pen.

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