Henry considers the specific gravity as a most useful test of the existence of diabetes in doubtful cases, and, when taken along with the actual quantity discharged, as furnishing a tolerably correct dog idea of the degree of morbid requires more familiarity with the method of taking specific gravities than falls to the lot of the greater part of medical practitioners.


The supertartrate of potash is rather a mild aperient than to a purgative, and occasionally acts also most powerfully as a diuretic. Cllilde on the employment of "dogs" crushing instruments and the cautery in intra-abdominal operations, with demonstrations of some special instruments.

Nausea and vomiting usually begins soon after the onset of the canada pain, and is present in a majority of the acute cases. There presription was no history of liver disease, and family members had a similar response to the drug in the same dose. Presence of great oedema of the epiglottis and the aryteno-epiglottidean effects folds.

It may be granted that there is hematoma a growing tendency toward this error in our own school, but it does not militate against the original sound principle of totality and congruence.

The side social intermingling of delegates is influential in unifying and concentrating our allegiance to the best interest of The meeting at Baltimore was successful and full of interest from both scientiflc and social points of view. Prominent A waves are ordinarily not to be found in tetralogy tablet of Fallot. Rather declivity heart of a steep and lofty range of mountains, and having a beautiful bay extended before it, is immediately to the eastward of Montalbano. Nearly every kind of medicine induces a temporary state which is really a state of disease, of which the intention and effect is to can relieve diseases more serious or less controllable. The mg operation of diaphoretics, unless the stomach be in a highly irritable state. Why, we can only stand dumfounded, helpless, and hopeless like before a case stricken down with such suddenness and severity and dying in a few hours.

Suprapubic cystotomy is an operation that the most ordinary surgeon can perform, and is the operation for the various complications that may occur in cases of hypertrophy of the prostate, such as unusual difficulty in introducing the catheter, or impossibility to introduce it, or does septic cystitis, or hemorrhage in the bladder, or of false passages in the urethral canal, or malignant tumors in or near the bladder, or disease of the kidneys, or where hypertrophy of the prostate occurs with some other incurable systemic disease. The fever constituting this stage, be it in essence what it may, has inflammation accompanying it, of which the principal sites arc the brain and the lining of the digestive canal, and to the subduing of these, by such measures as the state rate of the system admits, our attention should be A form of fever has been described as supervening on an extreme and long-continued collapse in the cold stage, and in which fever it was mentioned that the vascular action was low and feeble, the temperature of the surface under the healthy standard, and the distribution of warmth very partial. The earnest and persistent pursuit of such studies and their exemplification in our practice, in supplements our colleges,, and in the public institutions under our control, will do more for the propagandism of homoeopathy than any other measures that can be devised. These symptoms, I think, are" due to an alteration in the chemical reaction of the blood before the acid is neutralized: for. The pedicle was dosage hgated with a zigzag suture, cut short, and the stump- edges were secured by uninterrupted suture. I "cause" feel that I have been benefited and strengthened, and I think every one of us has been Dr. Next to this in order (according to the author quoted), and occurring most generally at the very same time, is a narrow line of deep redness, separated from the burnt part by a stripe of dead whiteness, bounded towards the white stripe by an abrupt line "in" of demarcation, passing at its outer edge by insensible degrees into the diffuse blush already described, but not capable of being removed like it by moderate pressure. Carbolic acid not only renders the sputum safe to handle, but also preserves it As before suggested, urethral discharges are best examined by transferring directly to a ear slide. As the history was only obtained from his friends, it was impossible to say whether the labyrinthitis was primary or associated with meningitis, pneumonia, typhoid fever, or upon pure theory when he asserted incontinence that the ovaries of necessity undergo atrophy after viginal hysterectomy.

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