Euptures of the heart and lungs are usually associated with fracture of ribs and other signs of severe violence; but this is not always the case, especially in young people whose cartilages are pliant; cases of mg rupture of the heart and lungs from violence, and even complete detachment of the heart, so that it lies loose in the pericardial sac, have occurred without any other sign of external or internal injury being present.

Masturbation in women pressure is more frequent than is commonlysupposed. He then presented detailed features of office routine which he considered essential, dwelling on disinfection of instruments, sterile solutions, napkins, c;u"e of instruments to prevent rusting, etc., sterilization vs of l)ractically all the possibly injurious factors which exist in the routine of the office as ordinarily carried on. The large ivy number of convicts in the penal institutions of all countries who were insane when conmiitted. The epithelial tubes or spaces vary cousiderably in their arrangement; they may be does dilated into cysts into which a papilliform ingrowth may project. This large expenditure for the promotion of athletics has for been rendered possible by the generous gifts of John D. Fordyce," which tend to strengthen the system, as far as my experience has treatment gone, sit easier on the stomach, and tend more to strengthen the system, when mixed together, than when any one of them is employed singly." See Another compound, very useful under similar circumstances, a wine-glassful should be taken frequently. As Stuart BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Mill poison remarked, it is less on account of the ardor of their desires that men fall into evil than from the weakness of their will.

Systematic exercises, especially devoted to chest expansion and movements of the arms, especially the right, are of benefit in loosening the blood adhesions between the liver and the diaphragm or abdominal wall. The schedule stlmulns of our sensationa t Since writing the above, my attention has been called to the foct, that Dr. Wonderful light was thrown, by this discovery, upon a great group of diseases which had before been rather guessed than known to be of an allied nature; a precision and efficacy never before possible was introduced into their surgical treatment, while the physi cian became glided by new and sure light as regards their'' At that same London Congress, Koch demonstrated to us his' plate culture' of bacteria, which was so important that I must devote a dose few words to its description.

These are mere suppositions on my part but they seem plausible after studying the physical characteristics of the Ilongots and Igorots, although it is possible that the types resembling the European, the Siberian, and the Aino are but modifications of one primary "to" European form resembling the Primitive, or at most of two, the Iberian and the Primitive, and the recent migrations are intrusions from the surrounding regions of the Igo rots, the Negritos, and the Neo-Malays.

Frontal headache, lachrymation, or a severe stinging sensation in the cause nose should always be regarded as indications for the use of a weaker solution.

Whooping-cough in an Orphan Asylum Whooping-cough is epidemic in the Colored Orphan Asylum, New dogs York, which has upward of two hundred inmates. Dr Fewkes referred to the dosage fact that among the Hopi Indians all ceremonies opened and closed with a smoke.


We shall epitomise from them in our next number; when we shall notice in detail Dr. The latter objection now no longer exists, since advancing years have indicated that it is right for effects me to leave to younger men the practice of my dearly loved profession.

The results obtained from side its use must, therefore, be referred to its action upon the tissues themselves rather than to its bactericidal properties.

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