The white staphylococcus, a larger dose is required water than of the yellow variety, and the pus is whiter.

Were the surface irrigated for the purpose of rice cultivation, intermittent fever would prevaU here as at Chusan (abu). In regard to asthma and some of the skin manifestation of the exudative diathesis, it is interesting to note that Striimpell cites the observation that "house" asthmatics have frequently suffered from eczema in that asthma, psoriasis, and eczema are frequently associated. The vibration of the picture, always fatiguing to the eye maxx of the spectator, became intolerable when it was a matter of reproducing complicated subjects.

The potassium salts are preferable, and for reasons stated the citrate may be largely substituted for plant the bicarbonate. Douglas Maclagan, of Edinburgh; and one kidney was examined by hd Dr.

For some distance from where the gullet enters the stomach, drug a thick, skin-like substance, or membrane, is spread over the internal surface of the stomach. The supposition does not seem to rest can on an experimental basis. In the search outside for mercury in living persons laboring under the effects of this poison, a large quantity of urine should be examined, and an analysis made at intervals. Syphilis is an entirely different disease, fox but may co-exist with gonorrhoea. In reply to inquiries for fuller information in regard to the proposed amalgamation of the Union with the London and Counties Medical Protection Society, the Cuairman said that if they once began going into the whole subject it would give rise to a very long and a very difiicult discussion, which would be liable to amaryl cause misunderstanding. I then made a cross-section through the fragments and brought the limb into position, and the clothing young fellow made a good recovery. Tk - secondary osteoplasty, however, may be employed with great latitude on the bony shafts of the extremities; with the greatest advantage on the leg. If sexual offences are wrong in woman they are flowers equally wrong in man and if punishment is to be meted out for such offences it should be shared by all offenders regardless of sex. He will then be refused work by all manufacturers who "amaryllo" require a physical examination before employment.

It is an antidote in poisoning by hydrogen sulphide anrl ammonium in hydrostilphide; and, with a respirator filled with bleaching powder, Robert.s explored in safety the sewers of tlie Bastille, which had not been opened for thirty-seven years, and were full of hydrogen sulphide and other noxious gases.

The ordinary operation, under such circumstances, is by no means an easy one to bulbs perform. When a large quantity of blood is buy poured into the stomach, whatever may have been its source, it appears to have a nauseating and emetic effect.

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