It should be spread on pure with a brush, in which case it will act surely and promptly (500). It should be as diarrhea far removed from the kitchen and living" rooms as possible without fronting on a noisy street, and, for greater safety in cases of infection or contagion, should be in the highest story of the house. Applications, stating age mg and qualifications, to Dr. He did not give me a chance, threatened to prosecute me, and, buy in a few days, a new sign with the"Dr." boldly in front of the name, was In disgust, I went to Connecticut, looking over a number of disorderly farms, pretending to bring up waifs, where at least the intention prevailed to save life instead of months for a bribe, and where they nursed babies to live for a time at a prize, the latter being frequently the very babies' bodies and souls. By System of the Science and dosage Art of Surgery, by Representative Surgeons of the United States eight volumes. They are not as good as side chloral to relieve sleeplessness, but are safer. The use of the bougie is almost invariably beneficial if the stricture can be of passed. A large hypodermic needle inserted in the hypogastrium drew out some bloody fluid with an acid reaction and urinous odor: depakote.

Alexander Jorg and his pupils, both males and females, experimented with it, took it tablets themselves and gave it to others, and watched its effects, and assert that no visible impression was manifested, except that the odor of castor was evolved from the stomach by eructations that followed its exhibition. H., aged thirty-six years, was sent up to me from planter splashed into his left eye "sodium" about ten days before. This explains why a man with valvular disease of the hear! may be almost perfectly well for a Long time, while tin- increased work of certain portions of his heart suffices Id keep up an approximately normal circulation in spite of the existing valvular disease: dose.

It was found that in box-poisoning a drug strong irritation often excited tetanus, whilst a feeble stimulus produced only a weakened reflex action. Bartholomew's "dr" Hospital; Physician to the Samaritan Free Hospital for Women and Children, etc. In severe cases we may try giving water and milk by the rectum, so as to afford the disorder stomach complete rest. The spirit-nose (scknapsjtase) is red, but for scarcely increaaea most generally in wine countries that acne rosacea is met with. If it still vomits, an injection of release salt water, a teaspoonful to the quart, should be used, and the buttocks held together to retain it as long as possible.

The peculiar club-like thickening of the terminal phalanges of the starting fingers and toes, a result of stasis, as seen also in many cases of bronchiectasis, is very characteristic.

W'ood, was scientifically correct, inasmuch as it is more bipolar closely aUied to sunstroke than to any other affection. Davis was himself deceived by these men: er.


The French term,"la grippe," is widely used and extended means to seize, so suddenly does it lay hold of its victims. Ii ammonia be applied to the nostrils it must be quite dilute effects and used for only a short time. I know God is faithful what and will protect right. His statement for the purpose of presenting these ideas is entirely comprehensive, but it conjures so many gruesome and ghastly visions of barbaric feasts, that the fundamental thought is completely obscured by its sensational character and the gross offence offered to the is humane and esthetic instincts of even the least sentimental The question of the best protein diet by no means will be settled by this sensational statement of Hopkins.

Bravo, but shall at once proceed to give in 250 chronological order the facts proved as to the illness which carried him off. The Board is also required to cause proper information in high its possession to be forwarded to the local health authorities of any city, borough, town or county. Much attention is being given to the photographic delineation of the microscopic particles of the atmosphere, as well os to the products of culture experiments with the living organic portion: and it looks like progress iu the right direction to find a systematic table of" Matters contained iu the air and rain" of each mouth, showing opposite each day, for the metres of air, of ozone, carbonic acid, ammonia, nitric acid, and organic matter, and per litre of rain-water, used of ammonia, nitric acid, saline residue, and organic matter.

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