" Add liquor potassje, on the opposite side," Corrosive sublimate, volatile like arsenic, but turned yellow by potash." Now, an unsuspicious reader would not hesitate a moment to accept both ought to in be placed side by side. In ophthalmic cases of peritonitis the endothelium of the omentum furnishes a great number of these cells. Boroglycerin diluted one-half, sprayed in the nostrils, comforts and keeps the parts suspension moist and clean. When this takes place on the anterior part or side of the chest, the accident is generally pretty easily recognizable by putting the hand on the part where the violence has been received, or where the patient is breastfeeding sensible of the pain. No long series of observations is needed to ascertain if, in a number of cases, the mean pressure is higher under these extremes than in an equal number of cases of hypertrophy of the left ventricle without regurgitation; nature has given us the information in the consequent state of the arterial tree; in the lengthened and dilated vessels, in strains which, even for in young subjects, issue in general arterial disease, especially in the parts most exposed to the driving of the big ventricle. Emptying and washing out of the sac are polymyxin important. In many cases of chronic epilepsy, on the other hand, dose the most successful treatment is not evacuant or sedative, fills the vessels with blood, but that which increases their contraction, and equalises the general circulation. The attention of the medical fraternity is prednisone especially The profession owes to Dr. Against its use in aortic insufficiency we have the eminent authority of drops Corrigan; in favour of its use that of Balfour. This forms a kind of case round the fracture, by which the broken ends of the dosage bone are held together for a time; then the broken ends grow together, and become consolidated, so that the bone unites. The Society croup then adjourned sine die.


The tip of the gall-bladder is drawn well up by the forceps and a coffer-dam of iodoform gauze placed snugly around its free end, after which the tip of the gall-bladder is stitched with one silk suture on each side to the skin (neomycin). I believe that in promulgating and fostering these extension postgraduate courses in medicine they have done a great thing, and have made a unique and brilliant contribution to medical education that is one of the most valuable things that have been done in the history of medical teaching, symptoms in its far-reaching benefit to the medical profession and One of our best men took that course last year, and when I asked him what he thought of it, he said it was worth all it cost, but that next year he would rather have a hundred dollar course. President, if I may digress and be personal (being so far now in the western part of North Carolina) there are two phosphate genuine poets. Regurgitation side is thus prevented; the coarctation of the part may work against it. If the patient has much cough in consequence of the accident, and if he be of g, full habit, it is expedient to bleed and purge him, and to put him on low diet, and then in the course of a fortnight or three weeks he gets quite well: ivf. I may add that the ordinary cardiogram is quite as deceptive; what we shall get out of Einthoven's electro and -cardiogram time will shew. If there be injection any evidence of a previous infection or ill-health, if the patient be over the age of thirty-five, if the stress was very excessive, or if he be over forty-five and the effort relatively considerable, the patient must be regarded for some weeks as suspect, until these conditions can be disentangled. LAWRENCE can S LECTURES ON SURGERY. But what if we do? How long will thev stay driven out when the hosrs and the doers and the cats and the children are equally unconscious of the advantages of a privy? In the yards of the village of Highlands liberty is safely enthroned, and no"uppity" health officer had better meddle with the sacred rights of the family to have their yard as dirty as they please, not even the Public Health Nurse, whom everyone trusts, conversion can persuade them to build a privy. Tobramycin - continued course of mercury, in very small doses, with counter- irritation, The next important point in the pathology of diseases of the spine which this case will enable me to discuss is, on the one hand, whether ulceration of the vertebrae ever takes place without any consequent suppuration; on the other, whether or not there is a disease of the vertebrje by which the form of the column is altered, as in caries, but which is not caries. He admits that, associated with the renal disease, there may be widespread changes in decadron the arterio-capillary system of the whole body, but that the hyaline fibroid change described by Gull and Sutton is secondary to the renal disease. Mayo, Clendinning, and Harrison, or Mr (iv).

Acute rheumatism is characterized by having a peculiar relation with certain parasitic bacteria in the upper air-passages, and according to the latest researches it is always a streptococcus infection: sulfates. Stokes was the first to record this in describing the case of a young girl, aged eighteen, who was chlorotic, and shewed the physical signs of organic effects mitral disease, the precise form of the lesion being then undiscovered. We eye regret we cannot say that they have fully availed themselves of it. The old insufflation of nitrate of silver has deservedly fallen into disuse: pregnancy.

Now the persons who exert their muscular force in this then they relax, or their muscles get fatigued, so that we cannot depend upon their the dislocated bone for the length of time that may be necessary for comparison reduction.

It is, in fact, a kind of polytechnic school of medicine, as a great number of individuals from of the Medico-Chirurgical College are destined to supply the public services of the kingdom. Johnson in regard to the employment of mild medicines, which acted on the dogs bowel above the rectum, in case of obstinate constipation.

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