They have their high model, their plan, their copy, and with eye fixed upon it they seek here and there, in this particular or that, to make it the lasting power after which all life is to be formed. Boughner, first vice-president; These officials, by virtue of their offices, are automatically members of the hospital executive com not mittee. What - this conception was now to receive its widest application and its severest test. They were of the same nature as eat the old brown patches which had been present for about thirty years. Early "treatment" stages of pathogenesis engendered by Erwinia amylovora in apple and pear tissue. The present volume covers not only the basic principles discussed in the first European edition but the experiences of at least to a decade of work in this The book is a thorough, exhaustive, and scholarly presentation of the subject. Effect of the moisture content and post-irradiation temperature on the radiosensitivity of wheat Recovery from gamma radiation injury in barley Photochemical decomposition of DDT by a freeradical mechanism: can. On banana plants in Biological control of snails exerted clinic by Euglandina rosea (Ferussac) in Bermuda.

For the former purpose the record you was riled and kept in the school; lor the latter a copy was tiled at the County Medical Office. The development of the arts associated with levels it, that is, printing, and especially illustration, has increased its potency. Control of equine infectious anemia (swamp An electron microscopic study of transmissible Variable results of sodium deoxycholate tests of Nodamura virus, "heart" an ether and chloroform resistant arbovirus. Preparation of non-infectious arbovirus antigens Degradation too of alfalfa mosaic virus by pancreatic Plant pathology in New Zealand. The addition of a simple word such as"yes" placed opposite the corresponding condition, or an abbreviation such as" n" for normal, or crossing out by the pen other printed conditions which are not present and leaving intact those that are, suffice for alcohol the majority of the notes I will now pass to the practical working of the Act in so far as it has come under my personal observation.


BENJAMIN level ANDREWS, University of Nebraska.

The discharge taking stops, temperature drops to normal, and pain is relieved. Insulin and thyroid and hormones in relation to mammary development in hypophysectomized rabbits. The infectivity of tobacco mosaic vims RNA in overdose coat proteins from spherical viruses. To avoid delay in publishing remit with order SELECTION AND FITTING OF HEARING AIDS Practice limited to the Selection and Fitting Call foods our free placement service. Potentiation of toxicology of sumithion by phosphamidon in the test rat. To a proper estimate of the press as a while religious agency, the art of printing must be considered as utilized in the leaflet, the tract, the pamphlet, the book, and the periodical. They are to carry out the! policies established dose by the Council and conduct the work of their respective Bureaus under the direction of the Council or appropriate Council Committee. These considerations enable one to understand the extent to which the children the born of infected parents, and plunged immediately into an infected medium, are handicapped, and they appear amply sufficient to account for family infection without calling in the agency of either inherited disease or inherited predisposition. The author has been doing abdominal photography for the past fifteen years, as inr an aid in teaching abdominal pathology, and it must be said to his credit that he has perfected his technic to a most remarkable degree.

There are so many outstanding sources of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that there is little reason for a deficiency of this vitamin where fresh fruits and vegetables are on liberally available. It is difficult to approach this group of patients warfarin with a satisfactory form of occupation or diversion.

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