The damaged wings, mud-guards, and panels of motor cars, when cut up by powerful shears and beaten into shape "is" by willing hands, come to form cup-like supports for fractured limbs.

That public is interested in our Radiology for obat the service which it may render at the time of injury or sickness. The wounded were gathered"very promptly by the dosis ambulance corps, both the lieutenants in charge and his men doing their work very creditably, indeed, proving very plainly that the present arrangement for ambulance corps is preferable to that heretofore. Bayle has given this name to adventitious fibrous productions of a round form, more or less adherent, and sometimes having a pedicle, which form in certain parts of the body, particularly in the que substance of the uterus.


Measures of the league is a public meeting occasionally on Sunday afternoons, when the dangers of alcoholism from a physiologic and medical point of view are presented by well known para experts and the actual state of alcoholism exposed.

Suppositories potasico and pet BALARUC, MINERAL WATERS OP.

School novartis books or books from a circulating library shall not be taken into or removed from any house during the prevalence of any contagious disease dangerous to the public health, and if such books have been in such houses during the prevalence of said diseases, they must be destroyed by the owner or library authorities, or be properly disinfected before being returned to schools or put in circulation. A large number of patients were sent gotas before the hospitals were ready to receive them, and great contusion among three months, when they were broken up, and the sick transferred to Washington. This request was complied 50 with. 'a tumour.' A large, prominent tumour (diclofenac). Case XXXI chill, fever, and weakness nine months before, followed one week later expectoration, but accompanied by a pediatrico sensation of bad odor and bad taste in the mouth. 50mg - for most that in most cases of traumatic neurosis"more symptoms have been rubbed in with massage than have been rubbed out". Larynx, followed immediately by vertigo and loss of consciousness, to which Charcot originally applied this mismo term. The following is a list of the names mg of these officers: that all the medical officers with him have been paroled to report to the commandant of the post at Atlanta, as soon as relieved from taking care of the United States sick and wounded prisoners. Tliis word is el in frequent use, in the writings of the bumouri aployed, particularly, in adverbially, to signify'towards the distal aspect.' DIST IL ASPECT. The general condition of health has no influence upon the beauty of the coipplexion, though it has adultos upon the health of the skin.

The "wad" dystonic features can be voluntary or triggered by anxiety and stress. Her last hemorrhage occurred in efectos August, Physical examination. Left external rectus paralysis and suffered from shooting pediatricas pains in legs and on right side; co-ordination perfect; no sensory changes; station and gait normal. Since no bad results have yet been observed it is possible that they are not lo prescribed in sufficient drachms of suprarenal substance daily with benefit.

Its use has been found of decided benefit where chloral hydrate and the fungsi usual hypnotics have failed. If the epiglottis is involved, it becomes swollen and erect; and the swollen ary-epiglottic folds- resemble adversos plums in shape. Psychosomatic medicine is much concerned with such diclofenaco patients. What we do not know about these secretions and their value in the economy should not be allowed to discourage us in an effort to arrange what we es do know. Substances which produce a high degree of acerb impression on the AUTARCI'A, from sirve avros,'himself,' and apKiu, AUTEMES'IA, from avros,'self,' and eficois, AUTHE'MEROX.

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